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Are you creating an herbal remedy company or wanting to up level your brand? Spagyrics is the most holistic way to extract herbs.

When we started this company one of the things we noticed in the herbal remedy industry was a lack in quality. But as we dived deep into the extraction and alchemy world we discovered Spagyrics. In alchemy spagyrics is considered the highest form of medicine. Why? Because, not only does it contain the true full essence of the plant but it involves more than just the physical world. Spagyrics combines the mind, body and spirit. Which modern physics is proving that our thoughts and emotions greatly effect our physical reality.

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Colorado Herbal Bulk Extraction

Already have your own herbs? Or know what you want to make and just need it spagyric extracted? We’ve got you covered. Our experienced scientists and extractors are ready to help.

**This option is for bulk oil. You will bottle and package yourself. If you are looking for us to bottle and package check out our white label options!

What is Spagyrics?

Spagyric: Means “herbal alchemy” and also “to separate and recombine.” It is an ancient alchemical process that creates a true full essence. In alchemy it is considered the highest form of medicine. Learn More

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Herbal Extraction & White Label

Want our certified extractors and scientists to create your product from start to finish?

Let’s do it! If you are wanting to create or add a top of the line group of herbal remedies to your business – we can help!

Options & Add ons:
  • Extraction Only
  • Extraction, & Bottling
  • Extraction, Bottling & Labeling (Full White Label Service)
  • Third Party Lab Testing – always included
  • Need help designing your label? Work with our graphic designer
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Herbal Remedy Product Development

More and more people are turning to alternative options for their wellness needs. The industry is booming and people are finding out the power of herbs.

And if you are looking to offer your own unique line of herbal remedies but aren’t sure where to start or want us to do it all for you – contact us!

What’s Included:
  • Extraction, Formulation, Bottling, Labeling
  • Third Party Lab Testing
  • **ADD ON: Work with our Graphic Designer
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Why choose Vera Herbals for your Colorado Herbal Tincture Extraction?

There is a plethora of processors out there. So, why choose Vera? Well, for one our process is a truly holistic approach to alternative remedies.

As mentioned before spagyrics combines the body, mind and spirit and is an ancient alchemy that means “to separate and recombine” which eludes to the detailed process that is unparalleled in its benefits. LEARN MORE

When it comes to quality we never compromise. That is why our motto is “Elevating the Standard.” We want to raise the bar for herbal remedies to truly help people.

Beyond our extraction method we also uphold the highest standards of customer service. We want to work with you to make your business a success. Contact us today!

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Do I need to have my own herbs to work with you?

Nope! We have a few incredible sources for herbs. We source from mountain rose herbs and mainly Oshala Farms. Oshala farms is not only certified organic, but they also do regenerative farming. Check out more about them HERE.

Do you make herbal topicals too?

Yep! We have formulas already ready, or we can custom formulate for you.

What is White Labeling?

White labeling means we manufacture, bottle and label your product with your formulation and label. We are a Colorado licensed manufacturing facility. In essence, we are your own personal manufacturer!

What is the minimum on white label?

Normally our minimum is 1000. But if you love what we are creating but can’t make the minimum just contact us! If you are looking for wholesale info to stock your shelves with our products click HERE.>>

How long will it take to receive my products?

It depends! Contact our lab manager and founder Tyler to discuss details!

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