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Looking to start your own Herbal Supplement Company or Brand? Maybe you are thinking about expanding your current Herbal Supplements offer? 

Our White Label and Private Label options are just what you need!

You can start or expand your business using White or Private Label to manufacture your products. 

Every product we offer is not only of the best quality, but also organic, alchemically prepared, and formulated by professional herbalists.

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White Label Vs. Private Label


There is a difference between white label products and private label products. 

  1. White label products are made by a manufacturer (us!) and then sold to another company (you!) that puts their own branding on them. You pick from pre-made formulas and packaging, and then you put your brand name on it.
  2. Private label products, on the other hand, involve the customization of the product to your exact needs. Private label products may include key customizations such as unique recipes or the use of a specific extraction method. 

In Vera Herbals, we offer both services, and we guarantee high-quality products that actually work. We use only organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and no synthetic binders or harsh chemicals.

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How do I know which one is better for me? (White Label or Private Label)

It is easy to know what kind of service would be better for you, but keep in mind, that you are not limited to one or the other. Many companies use both services!

White Label products allow you to pick already formulated recipes and sizes to make it easy on you. This allows you to focus on growing your business and take advantage of using already made proven recipes. 

Private Label products, on the other hand, allow you far more involvement in the creation of the formula and the product. This is a perfect option if you want to sell something that is unique to you. 

White Label – Best Sellers

  1. Herbal Remedies for Sleep
  2. Herbal Supplement for Memory and Focus
  3. Herbal Remedies for Discomfort
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How are our organic herbal supplements made?


All the products you can buy from Vera Herbals are 100% Organic, using only the best ingredients and extraction methods. They are crafted and formulated by professional herbalists with one goal in mind: achieving the highest quality.  

All Vera Herbals Products comply with our Top Quality Promise:

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Vera Herbals Uses Two Methods for the Extraction of Organic Herbal Supplements


Spagyrics +

Modern Science Meets Ancient Alchemy

Spagyrics is an ancient alchemical process that involves the separating and recombining of all parts of the herb being extracted. It even involves reintroducing the mineral salts of the plant back in. This combined with modern science, allows us to create full essence products that have balanced flavors, and are incredibly effective.

This process involves the use of alcohol and glycerin (we only use organic vegetable glycerin from coconuts or sunflowers to enrich the flavor and extract what the alcohol cannot) and is what we strongly recommend for any herbal tinctures.

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Oil Infusions

For Topical Products

To infuse herbs into products applied topically we offer oil infusions. You can customize which oil or go with our standard choice of Jojoba oil which is great for helping products absorb into the skin.

We create all sorts of custom products such as massage oils, balms, and even hair oils!

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What Clients Are Saying


Our experience with Vera Herbals has been nothing short of a dream. Business can be difficult especially when working with vendors, but Vera has been proven time and time again that they are here to support us.

They are sticklers for quality and for furthering their craft. We are always learning something new from them.

It’s always a highlight of our business week to chat with the Vera team! We’re excited for many more fruitful years of collaboration!

– Highest Intent, LLC

What Other Things Should YOu know?

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum Order Quantity is 100 units per type. Except for Mushroom Capsules: The minimum order quantity is 500 Units per type.

Do you Design Options?

Yes! We offer template or full design option add ons!

Do I need my own herbs?

Nope – You don’t need to bring your own herbs. We have a few incredible sources for herbs all 100% organic! However, if you have your own source that you would like us to use let us know!

How long will it take to receive my products?

Products can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to arrive, but we can give you an accurate estimate based on your order.