Our Core Values

The Vera Difference

Our Promise of Quality:

Take Your Brand to The Next Level

Our custom herbal extracts are made with more than just organic ingredients. Each batch is carefully infused with the herb’s minerals, third party tested, and made with intention.

Change It Up

  • Our specialty extraction method helps you and your brand stand out in a sea of “the same old thing.”

Highest Quality

  • We are certified organic (which means your products can be too!) and provide bioavailable custom options with high effectiveness.
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Client Testimonials

We have worked with Vera Herbals for over three years now, and they have been absolutely amazing! They white-label products for us and have worked with us through changing up labels, customizing product size, and are there every step of the way!

We bring a lot of products into our stores and the way Vera Herbals handles customer service is absolutely incredible. They are actually there to help you succeed. Love having them as our manufacturer!

Natural Life Stores

We are extremely particular about our level of quality of products we offer our customers. So, when we connected with Vera Herbals and learned about their Spagyric method for production and saw how much more effective the products were we knew we had to have them manufacture for us.

10 out of 10. Literally the best quality, customer service and so much more!

Highest Intent