More and more people are turning to herbal remedies as a way to improve their health.

Herbal remedies offer a natural way to help with various conditions, without the risk of side effects that can often come with other options.

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Special Properties A herbal remedy is a medicine made from a plant or plant parts. Organic and Safe.

– Herbal remedies are made with natural ingredients that have been minimally processed, making them a good choice for people wanting a more holistic approach to their wellness.

–  Herbal remedies can be utilized to assist with many wellness needs – from chronic or acute issues to overall wellbeing.

– Herbal remedies are often less expensive than other options for health.

– Spagyric Herbal Remedies address the whole being (body, mind, spirit) – not just the body. Science is showing our thoughts, and emotions have a huge impact on our health.

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What Makes Our Herbal Remedies Unique?

  • 100% Organic: All of our herbal remedies combine organic and local herbs.
  • Professional: All formulas are developed by herbalists.
  • Highest Quality: Extracted using the ancient alchemical Spagyric method

The Secret Ingredient: We make them in small batches infused with love, intention, and care.

Our Top 4 Herbal Remedies

What is the best herbal remedy?


It depends on what you want to use the herbal remedy for! 

There are remedies for 

What you do want to look for when checking out herbal remedies are the ingredients. 

Organic or even better biodynamic ingredients are key things to look for. Also, looking at how the herbs are extracted. Different extraction methods (like spagyrics) produce better results and you see a higher efficacy.

Our Promise of Quality:

All of The Good, None of The Bad:

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What is the Spagyric Extraction Method?

Spagyric is an ancient alchemy that has been done for over 2500 years. In alchemy it is believed that by using the three philosophical principles (mercury, sulfur, and salt) humans have the ability to take what wasn’t perfect and make it perfect. By using these principles to separate and recombine the constituents of whatever herb is being extracted this Spagyric process creates a truly potent herbal remedy energetically, spiritually and physically. To learn more about this process CLICK HERE!

Are herbal remedies safe?

Generally herbal remedies are safe. However, certain herbs should not be ingested by those who are pregnant, or have certain diseases. Always consult with your doctor before adding a new herbal remedy to your routine. Most herbal remedies are not approved by the FDA.

What does herbal remedy mean?

Herbal remedy means a medicine which is made from a single plant, multiple plants or plant parts.


Incredible people and really amazing products! Tyler and Nicole are so knowledgeable about the extraction processes and the health benefits of all of the products they carry. I could (and have) talk to them for hours about the various ways herbal remedies can be used to treat…As a local, I also really appreciate Nicole and Tyler’s dedication to sourcing things responsibly and locally. Love love love this place!

Katie Crane / Google

I just had back surgery and have been using the Vera Hemp Salve on my back twice a day. All I can say is that my incision pain has gone away completely and there is a noticeable reduction in inflammation.

Evan Soroka / Google

So much goodness at Vera Herbals!These folks really put the time and effort to make sure they are putting out the best into the world.Ethically sourced products with conscious packaging, lab tested so you know exactly what you are getting.Supreme.The spagyrics are magic.The lions mane is mind blowing too!Go to Vera Herbals!

Adam Ting / Google