Looking to add top quality Hemp Products to your store?

We have a variety of organic Hemp & CBD products that we make with the highest standards right here in Colorado.

Whether you are looking to wholesale, white label or get bulk extraction – we do it all! And we make it all in our certified lab in Rifle CO.

We supply anywhere from small businesses to large chains. Order straight from our website or contact us!

970-456-9333 or email [email protected]

Wholesale Offerings

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Our full-spectrum CBD products are top of the line. We use two specialty methods Rosin extraction and Spagyric Extraction.

We manufacture salves, tinctures, lip balms and pet CBD drops. For a price list and catalog email us!

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Whole Plant Hemp Tinctures

Our whole plant hemp tinctures are one of a kind. We use two special extraction methods called Spagyrics and Rosin.

Spagyrics is an ancient alchemical process that combines the physical, energetic and spiritual properties of the plant. In alchemy it is considered the highest form of medicine.

Rosin, from a western standpoint, is the best way to extract hemp. It is a completely solvent free extraction process that maintains the terpene and cannabinoid profile beyond compare.

We also offer combined hemp and herbal tinctures, like our Lightzzz Out tincture which is great for bedtime.

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Medicinal Mushroom Supplements

We don’t only make hemp products – we are super passionate about fungi too! Medicinal mushroom supplements are growing in popularity everyday. We carry lions mane, reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps.

Our wholesale medicinal mushroom capsules are 100% mushrooms, organic, contain no fillers or grains, and are vegan.

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Alchemically Prepared Herbal Remedies

We manufacture all kinds of herbal remedies from menstrual cramp relief to brain tonics. All of our herbal remedies are created using the Spagyric extraction method – an ancient alchemical process that combines body, mind and spirit.

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What is the wholesale minimum?

We love to work with local and small businesses!

For our wholesale orders we only require a $250 minimum.



We offer bulk extraction and white labeling. To learn more or order click below!

white labeling options


Yes! We have tiered pricing which gives you discounts the more you buy! Discounts automatically added when you order online.

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