What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity for mushroom supplements is 500 units for liquids and powders or 1000 units for capsules.

Do You Offer Other Private Label Supplements?

Yes! We offer an array of botanicals using our specialty extraction method.



Yes! We follow all GMP protocols, and are regulated by the FDA.

What are Mushroom Supplements Good For?

Mushroom supplements are great for an array of benefits. For example, there are regions called blue zones where a high percentage of people live to be above 90 years old, and in these regions medicinal mushrooms like Reishi or Chaga often grow prevently and are incorporated into the indigenous people’s diet. This was the basis for the recent studies which have shown both of these mushrooms to help with anti-aging and overall wellness.

These are just two of the many benefits mushroom supplements provide. We offer white label mushroom supplements because they can also help with memory & focus, regenerating nerves, immune health and more!

What is the Best Mushroom Supplement For Health?

Honestly, this is a hard question to answer definitively because mushroom supplements can help with so much! It would be more accurate to also ask what part of health are you wanting help with?

If we’re talking about overall immunity – A combination of Turkey Tail, Chaga and shiitake is going to be your best bet. Studies have shown that three or more mushroom supplements combined work even better!

If we’re talking more about mental wellness – Reishi or Lion’s Mane is going to be your go to. Reishi is great for stress and mood, while Lion’s Mane has been shown to increase memory & focus and nerve regeneration.

We offer all of these as part of our white label mushroom supplements which you can add to your brand as liquids, powders or capsules!

What are White Label Mushroom Supplements?

White or Private Label Mushroom Supplements are customizable liquid or powder mushroom single or blended extracts that we manufacture with your brand label on it!

Our mushrooms we use are certified organic, and contain zero fillers or grains! You can customize as much as you want! From type of mushrooms all the way to bottles and seals!

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