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Options & Add Ons:
  • Packaging & Labeling Only
  • Formulating, Packaging & Labeling
  • Extraction, Formulating, Packaging & Labeling (Full White Label Service)
  • Third Party Lab Testing – always included
  • Need help designing your label? Work with our graphic designer
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What makes our white label salves stand out?


100% Solvent Free Rosin

We only use our rosin solvent-less extraction process for topicals. Rosin is an amazing extraction method that maintains the highest terpene and cannabinoid profile in the cannabis world. Not only is it the highest quality, it doesn’t use any solvents. So, your customers will feel good knowing your product is effective and pure.

We can supply the hemp if you need or if you’re a farmer we can extract it with this process for you!


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Herbal Additions Available

We manufacture a lot more than just cannabis here at Vera Herbals. And we know that there are many herbs that work great topically – especially when used with hemp.

Whether you have specific herbs in mind, or want us to formulate it with a specific purpose for you, we can do it!

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Custom & Stock Options

We have many options for your needs! You can choose from one of our popular stock options, which takes all that guesswork off of you!

Or, if you are looking for full customization from the container to the formulation – we can do that as well!

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Work With Real People!

This is our two founders! They started the company with a desire to help people find natural alternatives. Tyler, one of the founders, had back surgery at a young age which led into a four year Opioid addiction. He used cannabis to manage his pain and to help get off the Opioids. It was one of the main driving forces for starting the company! READ MORE ABOUT US

We are real people – with a real desire to help co-create with like minded companies!

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