What to Look for in a CBD Gift Basket


What to Look for in a CBD Gift Basket

As the holidays near, so do the thoughts about what to gift your loved ones this season. If you are anything like me, buying gifts for friends and family—gifts that are actually meaningful—can be a daunting task. If you feel the same way, there is a little secret I feel compelled to share with you: health and happiness are by far the greatest gift of all. And while you may find this statement to be cliché (even I find it a bit commonplace), it is true nevertheless. So, how do you gift health and happiness to someone? Surprisingly enough, you can find the answer hidden under the lid of a CBD gift basket.

Why CBD Makes a Generous Gift

While the cannabis plant has been used for centuries by ancient civilizations for its medicinal properties, the use of CBD in western society has only become widely recognized for its healing powers in the last couple decades or so. If you are familiar with CBD, then you may know some or all of the potential health benefits it can provide, as well as its abilities to aid in various common ailments such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, taking CBD has been found to promote sleep, inhibit pain, and reduce inflammation in the body. Anyone experiencing any one of these conditions could potentially benefit from taking CBD, as it may significantly reduce or completely alleviate symptoms of any of these given ailments.

Even if your loved one doesn’t experience any of these conditions, using CBD can still be extremely beneficial for your everyday health. For example, taking CBD has the potential to protect against neurological disease as well as inhibit inflammation in the body, which can ultimately reduce the risk of various diseases, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontitis, and hay fever. But really, the benefits of using CBD are endless and almost anyone and everyone can benefit from taking it, which is why it makes an awesome and sincere gift! Unfortunately, however, the CBD market is saturated with companies that sell low quality, cheap and noneffective CBD products to make a quick buck. That’s why it is extremely important to know what to look for in a CBD gift basket when shopping for CBD products for your loved ones.

What to Look for in a CBD Gift Basket

In order to be an awesome gift-giver, there are three factors you need to consider before purchasing a CBD gift basket: the variety, quality and the price of the gift box and the products it contains. First and foremost, a CBD gift basket should have an ample variety of products for your loved one to try, so they can reap the many benefits CBD can offer. You will want to find a CBD gift basket that offers different tinctures, salves and/or other CBD products. For example, a good combination of oral and topical products is the golden ticket to a happy gift recipient.

Probably the most important factor of the three is the quality of the products. It is imperative to find a company that utilizes extraction processes that maintain the integrity of the hemp plant and its compounds. Click here to read more about some of the best hemp extraction methods used by CBD manufacturers. It is also important to make sure the company uses only organic hemp and other high quality ingredients to make their products. If the quality of the ingredients is lacking, then the the efficacy of the CBD product will also be lacking. That being said, if you are hoping to give a literal, life-changing gift to a loved one, then making sure that a company sells truly effective products is crucial.

The final factor you should consider when purchasing a CBD gift basket is your budget. While choosing a CBD gift box that is priced low may be appealing, generally a cheap price can mean lower quality products. And like I just mentioned above, the quality of CBD products is by far the most important factor. On the other hand, it’s not entirely necessary to spend an arm and leg to buy a CBD gift basket. In my opinion (as someone who has been in the CBD industry for several years), the price range you should spend on a CBD gift basket—in which has a good variety of high quality products—falls between $80-$200. While this is just an opinion, it gives you a good idea of what price range to consider when perusing the market.

Other important factors to think about when looking for a CBD gift basket is whether the company practices sustainable and ethical business practices and conducts third-party testing on all CBD products to ensure their safety, purity and potency. While these factors aren’t mandatory to find an astounding CBD gift basket, they do tell you a lot about the company you choose to support.

Why Shop with Vera Herbals?

At Vera Herbals, we offer CBD gift baskets that meet all the factors listed above including:

  • We make and offer a variety of CBD products (and gift baskets, of course) to satisfy many different preferences, from tinctures to salves to lip balms! We also make various strengths to meet all needs—from the beginner CBD user to the person needing ultimate relief.
  • We use only the best hemp extraction methods to produce highly effective, full-spectrum products. Learn more about our extraction methods here.
  • All of our wellness and CBD gift baskets are filled with 100% organic products, because we know you want the best for your loved ones!
  • Our gift boxes are not only filled with a variety of high quality products, but we also pride ourselves in the price we charge for each basket. We do our absolute best to keep prices fair, so everyone can afford to try our products.
  • Say hello to zero waste. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. Even the ribbon on the outside can be composted!

Vera Herbals CBD Gift Basket Guide

After reading why you should shop with Vera Herbals, you may now be conflicted about which gift basket to go with. Vera Herbals has put together 5 CBD gift baskets with a variety of different health and wellness goals in mind.

CBD Gift Basket

One of our most affordable CBD gift baskets we offer, the CBD Gift Basket is perfect for the less experienced CBD user. It contains some of our most popular CBD products—including our 500mg Spagyric CBD Tincture and an Organic 500mg CBD Bliss Balm Salve—which are the perfect samplers for anyone who isn’t exactly sure where to start on their CBD journey. This gift box is also good for anyone you know who may have trouble sleeping, as it debuts our Lights Out Spagyric Sleep Tincture, which is formulated with hemp as well as other herbs that have been studied to promote sleep.

Stress Relief Gift Box

Just as the name implies, this gift box is great for anyone needing a little something extra to unwind. Like the Spa Day Gift Box, this basket contains both CBD and non-CBD products to help with stress management, pain and relaxation. In this basket, you’ll find A Dam’ Good Tincture, Organic Reishi Mushroom Supplements, and a Bliss Balm CBD Salve. Give the gift of stress relief with this basket!

Athlete and Recovery Gift Box

This gift basket is perfect for that admirable athlete in your life. It contains a 1500mg CBD Rosin Tincture, a 750mg CBD Athletic Salve, and Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements. All of these products are great for boosting athletic performance and endurance, while also promoting fast and effective recovery. No matter what physical activities your loved one partakes in, this gift box truly gives them the extra boost they need to be the best at the things they love!

Extra Strength CBD Gift Basket

This gift basket is great for loved ones who are super, mega fans of CBD products, or someone who needs a little extra CBD power in their gift box. In this box, you’ll find a 1000mg CBD Rosin Tincture, a 1500mg CBD Athletic Salve, and a Lights Out Spagyric Sleep Tincture. This gift box is more expensive because of the higher quantity of CBD in the products, which is important for getting the results you want.

Final Thoughts

Finding meaningful gifts can seem dispiriting, but it doesn’t have to be! Naturally—being the faces and advocates of CBD and its medicinal properties—we’ve talked with A LOT of people who have shared their own personal stories of how taking CBD has changed their lives for the better. That being said, the Vera Herbals team firmly believes in the power of CBD products and its ability to create health and happiness throughout the world. So, help us in our mission to help others who can benefit from CBD products by gifting a CBD gift basket to your loved ones!