What is the Best Extraction Process for CBD Oil?


What is the Best Extraction Process for CBD Oil?

With so many hemp products on the market, choosing an extraction method for your production can sometimes be challenging and even overwhelming. Even more confusing is understanding the difference between hemp extraction methods and how these methods do or do not maintain the efficacy of the hemp plant and its medicinal properties. While the cannabis extraction world continues to evolve and technology advances, there are only a handful of hemp extraction methods that are tried and true. Consider us a bit biased, but some of the best hemp extraction processes today include the ancient process Spagyrics and the contemporary production of Rosin.

What is the Spagyric CBD Extraction Method?

Spagyrics is a centuries old, practiced herbal alchemy in which alchemists take raw plant material known to hold medicinal properties and transmute them into a more potent and effective plant medicine by amplifying the plant’s curative effects. This ancient and esteemed hemp extraction method utilizes specific alchemical processes to separate the matter of the plant, purify its spirit to a higher energetic level, and recombine the plant with its original essence.

In spagyrics, all matter including plants possess three philosophical principles: Salt, Sulfur and Mercury which represent the Body, Soul and Spirit. More specifically, the Salt element of the plant involves the Body or physical matter, the Mercury component encompasses the fermented alcohol essences, and the Sulfur element entails the essential oils. These three components represent the physical, spiritual and energetic constituents that are separated, purified and recombined during the spagyric extraction process.

For CBD Spagyrics, the extraction method begins by doing an alcohol extract of the cannabis plant. This steeping process, known as the maceration, allows for the hemp’s compounds, including the cannabinoids and terpenes, to become absorbed in the alcohol. Then follows the evaporation of the alcohol to create a more potent and flavorful tincture. From there, the plant matter that has been soaking is burned and calcined to a white ash from which the mineral salts are extracted. Finally, the extracted oil is mixed with MCT, poured into a bottle and then the mineral salts are added back in.

This hemp extraction process is truly unique and unquestionably powerful. Unlike many other hemp extractions that utilize the curative powers of the hemp plant in part (such as CBD isolates), spagyrics utilizes the whole plant to liberate the entirety of the plant’s medicinal properties. With a combination of scientific, spiritual and energetic practices, Spagyrics is deemed one of the best CBD extraction processes since it increases the bioavailability of the product and utilizes the full essence of the plant, ultimately making it one of the strongest herbal medicines in the world.

What is the Rosin CBD Extraction Method?

Rosin is a solvent-less (harsh chemical free!) extraction method that uses only heat and pressure to extract hemp’s medicinal properties. This is the ONLY method on the market this healthy. Rosin CBD Extraction method is one of the best extraction processes for CBD oil since it maintains the full-spectrum of the cannabinoid and terpene profile— the constituents which are responsible for the curative powers of the hemp plant. In other extraction methods, such as steam distillation, many cannabinoids and terpenes can be and are destroyed throughout the extraction process.

For example, certain extraction methods can fully “activate” the hemp plant—turning Phyto cannabinoids such as CBDa into CBD. While this may sound desirable, many studies show that CBDa may be significantly more effective in improving ailments such as inflammation, nausea and anxiety than CBD. That said, it is important to maintain these phytocannabinoids as scientists and researchers are just discovering their therapeutic potential. By the way, CBDa is just one phytocannabinoid—there are over 100 known phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant which all exhibit varied effects! This is why rosin is one of the best hemp extraction methods and is becoming more popular in the hemp world!

As if the ability to create top shelf, connoisseur products using rosin isn’t appealing enough, the extraction process itself is fairly straightforward and simple. While there are various methods to extract rosin, Vera Herbals uses a premium rosin press made by PurePressure. This high-tech machine allows us to extract rosin quickly by using high amounts of pressure and low heat to maintain the cannabinoid and terpene profile. When placed between the hot plates of the PurePressure, a rich and glorious goo-like substance spews from the plates. Check out our instagram for clips of the rosin press in action! We use this rosin in both our tinctures and salves, allowing us to proudly showcase and share our solventless products with the world!


With various hemp extraction methods to choose from, understanding how each one effects the efficacy and authenticity of the hemp plant’s medicinal properties can sometimes be complicated. Thankfully, we’ve already done the research, and we have found that both spagyrics and rosin extractions are by far some of the best extraction processes for CBD oil to create a product that maintains the full-spectrum, therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant.

We love to hear from our dedicated blog readers, cannabis consumers and hemp enthusiasts! Please leave a question or comment below if you found this blog interesting. Share the love by checking out our spagyric herbal remedies and solventless rosin products. You can find more information about both the spagyric and rosin extraction methods under the “Resources” tab on the Vera Herbals website.


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