What is Spagyrics?


What is Spagyrics?

Spagyrics (spa-jeer-iks) means herbal alchemy. In simple terms it also means to separate and recombine. It is an amazing ancient alchemy that combines sacred practices, boosts the bio availability of the product and truly utilizes the full essence of the plant – creating an incredible herbal remedy.

But it gets quite a bit deeper than that. Spagyrics uses the three philosophical principles of alchemy (Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt). Why? Well, In alchemical philosophy, it is said that EVERYTHING in the universe can be separated into three basic principles:

Mercury: The Alcohol used to extract represents the Spirit.

Sulfur: The essential oils or the cannabinoids and terpenes represent the Soul.

Salt: The mineral salts extracted represent the Body.

So put simply

Alcohol = Mercury = Spirit

Essential Oils = Sulfur = Soul

Mineral Salts = Salt = Body

Still confused? No worries – diving into the world of Spagyrics is complex and all new for most people. Let’s take a look at the Spagyric process.


A traditional Spagyric process actually begins with the fermentation of the plant or plants that are going to be made into a tincture. This fermented liquid turns into alcohol and is used to extract the essential oils out of the plant. The plant sits in the alcohol for at least three weeks to extract all of these medicinal properties like terpenes and cannabinoids. Still following? That liquid is then set aside and the plant matter that was sitting in the liquid is going to be burned.


The plant matter that is soaked in Alcohol goes through a two step burning process. First to the black ash and then a second time all the way down to the white ash. Once this is complete, distilled water is poured over the white ash through a filter so you are left with a container of water with the mineral salts of the plant inside. Finally, the water is evaporated from the bowl and you are left with just the mineral salts of the plant.


Now that the elements have been separated, it is time to recombine them. The mineral salts are reintroduced to the liquid (that contains the essential oils and alcohol) that was set aside before. When the mineral salts are put back in an intention ceremony is done to bring the Spagyric tincture to its highest potency and vibration.

Spagyrics is an ancient alchemy that uses mental, spiritual, and physical elements to create a true holistic product. We offer this for private label here.

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**Any statements here are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are solely the opinions of the writer.


Nicole Wallace
Owner of Vera Herbals