The Vera Mushroom Difference:

Our mushroom difference:

Not all Mushrooms are created equal! We at Vera Herbals pride ourselves on upholding the highest standard in holistic wellness, and our medicinal mushroom extracts are no different!

So, what are some important things to look for when buying mushrooms, and how do we do things differently?

  1. No Grains Or Fillers:

Why? The medicinal mushroom marketplace is dominated by products that do not contain any mushrooms. These products are produced from mycelium (the root system of the mushroom) being grown on grain. Commonly marketed as “mushroom” yet they contain no mushrooms at all. On top of that, the grain is not separated from the mycelium so these products are primarily the grain that the mycelium is growing on.

Many consumers and even health practitioners are being misled into believing they are consuming mushrooms when in fact the products are nothing more than mycelium cultured grain, much like the food product Tempeh. Very few of the important medicinal compounds found in medicinal mushrooms are contained in these products since the bulk of the product is grain.

This is why all of our mushrooms are either grown on sawdust or wood and all the way to the fruiting body (mushroom).

  1. Lab Testing:

We ensure quality by testing our mushrooms through third party labs. This means you know exactly what is in the product your buying and putting into your body. We pride ourselves on providing products that actually work.

Mushrooms absorb almost everything around them. So if not grown properly and in the right environment they can contain toxins that no one wants to be ingesting. This is why it is so important to get third party lab testing for mushrooms! We put all of ours online to keep open transparency about not only the potency of our mushrooms, but that there are no heavy metals or toxins either.

  1. Organic & sustainable:

Here at Vera our focus is to provide wellness for the people and the planet. This is why we take such great care to make sure our ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced. Our mushrooms are not only grown on logs or sawdust, but always grown sustainably outdoors in a greenhouse. This not only ensures quality for what goes into our bodies, but helps take care of the planet.

We take it one step further, and don’t use any plastic for our packaging. This is just one more way we uphold the highest standard in holistic wellness.