Test Results, Test Results, Test Results!

The unsettling truth about the growing CBD industry and how to prevent it.

This particular post is something I feel very strongly about.

The lack of testing in the CBD industry has become a huge problem and is causing adverse effects for people. Not only this, but it is deterring people from moving to a more natural approach to their health.

We have all seen the CBD gummies in gas stations, the spam emails for free CBD oil and the endless CBD stores popping up.

Yes, we now have seen the science, we know the benefits of the hemp plant and CBD but how do we know that investing into that $150 bottle of CBD tincture is even going to work? In this newer market of CBD products, set regulations have not truly been set. This has paved the way for fake advertising on products and mass production pumping this stuff out everywhere possible. What has happened? Quality has dropped, companies aren’t required to test their products, meaning no one is required to actually have the amount of CBD that is labeled.

I learned about this problem the hard way. Before Vera Herbals started, I would try different products and talk to people about their experiences and some products obviously worked and some didn’t. What was going on? I asked myself. This is when I discovered our town’s local apothecary and got to know the very knowledgeable owner. He has a long background in the Colorado marijuana business and taught me many things. The most important was about product testing. He periodically tests the potential products he could carry. The first ever test results I saw was one of the largest names in the CBD business (not going to name them here), but they were making all sorts of claims about integrity and quality and I had no reason to doubt it.

Then I saw the results.

The product tested was a 600mg “full spectrum” tincture. The results came back with under 100mg CBD, only a couple other cannabinoids and absolutely no terpenes. This immediately makes the claim of full spectrum false.

A lightbulb turned on!

It was obvious the reason CBD products worked for some and not for others was because some of it just hands down had little to none of what the labels claimed! It’s unfortunate, but in a billion-dollar industry people see the money they can make and take advantage of people’s desire to try a natural alternative.

Don’t be discouraged!

These products might be an investment, but you will find when purchasing from the right company, you will not regret it!

So how can we be sure we are buying from the right company?

Ask one simple question. May I see your test results??

Owning and operating our company Vera for over a year now, one thing I know for sure is, the companies that are producing great products all do rigorous testing – from flower to finished product. Being such a believer in hemp and plant medicine (due to it saving me from an opiate addiction) my number one fear is that people interested in trying alternative medicine will buy fake or misleading products and have zero results. This is why our goal is to make it the standard for companies to offer their test results. This will hold manufacturers and retailers accountable and will hopefully flush out the people who are mass producing junk for the highest profit margin.

So If you take anything away from this article it is this:

1) Ask for test results

2) See #1

3) Test Results, Test Results, Test Results!

Thanks for reading you guys, lets change this game together and please stay tuned for more blogs this week about some terpenes we haven’t yet talked about and some less talked about cannabinoids to look for when asking for test results. See all of our test results here and please always feel free to contact me or our team with any questions!