Sustainability – Reducing Plastic Use

Today we wanted to talk about the most important thing to us which is sustainability.

Every second of every day in the united states 1500 plastic water bottles are discarded. Only about 30% of those even make it to a recycling center where they are not even really recycled because plastic does not really get recycled, it gets downcycled. So, the remaining 70% of the bottles end up in our landfills or oceans. It takes 912 million gallons of oil to produce this many water bottles and if each bottle was laid end to end, they could reach the moon and back ten times!!! (

Have you heard of the Pacific garbage patch?

If not It’s a patch of trash made up almost entirely of plastic larger than the state of Texas that stretches from California To Japan. Do you know what happens to plastic out in the ocean?? Well, it does not biodegrade, it goes through a process called photodegrading which turns the plastic into tiny pieces of plastic which then is eaten by ocean life. Guess who eats that plastic filled fish next? Yes, Us. Ok, enough of the facts, lets move on to what we can do about this issue.

I hear the argument all the time that water bottles are necessary because tap water is dirty. I’m here to say this is bologna! Yes, the water isn’t safe everywhere but let’s do some math:

On average, each human needs about 8 8oz glasses of water a day.

A nestle water bottle contains 16.9oz of water so the average adult needs about 4 bottles a day for optimal health.

A 24 pack of these bottles will cost you $13.50.

So that equals 6 days of water per case.

This equals roughly $821.25 a year in water bottles.

So is the purchasing of water bottles really cheaper? Let’s take a look at some other options:

Reverse osmosis water system

Reverse osmosis works by filtering out all impurities in the tap water. One of these systems can be added to your sink for the average price of $400. (Check out what we use here.) The system lasts for about 5 years and keeping up maintenance is incredibly inexpensive.That is half of the price of buying water bottles all year. I know what you may be thinking, how do I get water when I’m not at my house? Which leads us to our next point in reducing plastic waste.

Reusable water bottle

This one is huge.

I choose to use the 40oz hydro flask – I never run out of water when I’m on the go. It’s a company based out of Bend Oregon and they make practically indestructible reusable water bottle of many sizes that are always great to keep on you and fill up with your RO system water.


There is no denying using non-renewable resources to produce such a dangerous and harmful product is an issue. We, as a society, need to take the initiative to make the change. Yes, it can seem easier to grab a water bottle on the go and keep making this choice based off habit, but its time to make a change. 98% of the world’s scientist say we need to do it now. Let’s buy reusable water bottles, install RO systems in our houses if necessary, and let’s protect our oceans and the health of the people on the planet. Say tuned later in the week for more on how we can limit our plastic usage and do our part in living a more sustainable life.