Spagyric Medicine Uses


Spagyric Medicine Uses

In the United States, alternative medicine and therapies are becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking an integrative approach to their health and well-being. While some of these alternative practices have already made their way into mainstream society, such as yoga, acupuncture, and aromatherapy, many still remain largely unknown. One of these lesser known practices is that of spagyrics—an ancient alchemical preparation of herbs into herbal medicine. In this blog, we will dive deeper into what spagyric medicine is, what makes it different from other herbal medicines, and its uses to remedy some of today’s most prevalent ailments.

What is Spagyric Medicine?

Spagyric medicine is a special sort of herbal medicine which has been used as a healing tonic for centuries. Developed by Paracelsus (1493-1541), German-Swiss alchemist and physician, it was believed that the spagyric method could capture the true essence of any given plant or herb and transmute it into its most pure and potent form, ultimately creating the most powerful plant medicine in the world. Although spagyrics is considered a lost art and continues to remain a mysterious marvel to many, physicians and homeopathic doctors alike are beginning to rediscover spagyric medicine and see its true potential to heal a wide array of ailments.

Spagyric Medicine vs Other Herbal Medicine

Understanding how different extraction methods effect and maintain the efficacy of the plants’ medicinal properties is important when choosing an herbal medicine. From water, alcohol and propane extractions to CO2 and other solventless extraction methods, there are many different ways plants and herbs can be prepared. While nearly all of these extraction processes are able to extract most of the plants’ compounds, spagyrics is the only method that utilizes the whole plant and, thus, the only herbal medicine that contains the entirety of the plants’ medicinal properties. This is possible by taking the extraction one step further.

In the spagyric process, the herbs first undergo an alcohol extraction, in which most of the plants’ active compounds will be extracted. Whereas all other extraction processes stop here, spagyrics aims to extract the more subtle active principles that are considered to preserve the native vitality of the original material. These remaining compounds lie in the plants’ mineral salts. So after the alcohol extract, the herbs are burned to a white ash, mixed with distilled water, and filtered. The solution is placed on a burner to evaporate until a pool of crystallized mineral salts appear. The salts are ground up and mixed back into the alcohol extract, completing the final step of the spagyric process and resulting in a true full-spectrum herbal extract.

Spagyric Medicine Uses + Buyer’s Guide

Spagyric medicine uses a combination of herbs or single herbs to help treat many of today’s most prevalent ailments and improve overall well-being—from improving sleep, immunity and cognitive function to reducing stress, pain, anxiety, and much, much more! Vera Herbals offers an array of spagyric tinctures that are specially formulated to help achieve a variety of different health and wellness goals. Below is a guide to help you choose one or more spagyric medicine that will best suit your or a loved one’s needs.

Full-Spectrum CBD Spagyric:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Promotes relaxation

Get Serious Sleep Spagyric:

  • Promotes sleep
  • Aids insomnia symptoms

Recovery & Relaxation Spagyric:

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Promotes relaxation

Energy Boost & Pre-Workout Spagyric:

  • Improves endurance & stamina
  • Boosts Energy with green coffee
  • Improves circulation

These spagyric tinctures are made with high quality, all-organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure a potent and powerful plant medicine.

Final Thoughts

While spagyric medicine remains largely unknown, its medicinal properties and benefits are highly regarded. Not only does the spagyric method maintain the efficacy of the plants’ medicinal properties, but it is the only extraction process in the world that utilizes the entire plant and, thus, contains the entirety of the herbs’ both active and more subtle compounds. For this reason, spagyric medicine is on the rise to becoming more well known as the most effective and powerful alternative plant medicine in the world.


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Written by:

Kaitlyn Cranor