Solvent vs. Solvent less CBD


Solvent vs. Solvent less CBD

We see these words all over the place, but what does it really mean? And what is the difference between a solvent and solvent less CBD product? Let’s dive deep into this comparison and what sorts of differences we might see.

What is a solvent?

Yes, let’s start here. A solvent is (from the Latin solvō, “loosen, untie, solve”) is a substance that dissolves a solute, resulting in a solution.

This doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, it’s not, sometimes. However, often times solvents like butane are used to extract the cannabis plant and while it is said that they get all the butane out by the time it gets to the consumer there have been reports of people having toxins in their body after using products extracted with these harsh solvents. On top of that, some of the harsher solvents destroy the medicinal properties which make the product have a much lower efficacy.

Solvent Extraction Methods

There are many solvent extraction methods. The most common are:

Ethanol Extraction


Hydrocarbons (Butane, propane, Hexene)

Vegetable oils like coconut oil

What does solvent less or solvent free mean?

Well, a solvent less extraction method, like Rosin, simply doesn’t use any of these harsh chemicals to extract.

Plus, it maintains the highest level of terpenes and cannabinoids over any other extraction method. Why does this matter? Well, the cannabinoids (like CBD) and terpenes are the medicinal properties of the plant. So, when their integrity is kept through the extraction process you see more benefits as a user. This is why we use it for our salves, and also make top of the line tinctures with it.

Solvent less Extraction Methods

There are a few solvent less methods, however they are less often used than solvent ones. They are:

Cold Pressed Extraction

Ice Water (not technically an extraction – just separates trichomes off of the plant)

Rosin Extraction

Screen/Pressed Extraction

Why is solvent less often more effective and safer?

Well, for one, it is safer because you aren’t using any harsh chemicals to extract what you want out. There have been cases where people have had high toxicity levels in their body from using hydrocarbon solvent extracted products. In addition, oftentimes solvent based extraction methods isolate one compound out and while this sounds like a great idea when we’ve heard all the wonderful things that CBD can do, further study has shown that CBD by itself is not very effective. This is why we only choose Rosin for our solvent free extractions.

Why we choose Rosin and Spagyrics

As far as solvent free methods go, Rosin is fast and maintains the terpene and cannabinoid profile like no other. It only uses heat and pressure to extract – no harsh chemicals. Plus it maintains the medicinal profile like no other! LEARN MORE.

Our other method, which we haven’t talked about here is Spagyrics. Spagyrics is an uncommon solvent based method. It is an ancient ancient alchemy which uses alcohol to extract (which is considered one of the best solvents) but then involves an intricate process of distillation and calcination. Spagyrics is considered a true medicine in the world of Alchemy. It, unlike any other method, (even Rosin) maintains the full essence of the plant and involves body, mind and spirit. LEARN MORE HERE.

So, why are solvent products more common and popular?

Well, for one hemp & CBD products extracted with solvents are much easier to mass produce. They can make very large batches in a very quick amount of time. Even Rosin, which is a relatively quick method, as far as solvent free ones go, takes way more time, care and patience than any solvent based method.

And secondly, the fact that solvent based extraction methods can extract one compound out very easily is desired by many. CBD has been marketed very well.

Learn more about the other compounds of the cannabis plant.


Solvent based extraction methods are easier to mass produce and can isolate one compound, like CBD, out. However, some of them have been shown to be less effective than solvent free extraction methods. Rosin extraction is our preferred solvent free method and Spagyrics is our chosen solvent method.

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Nicole Wallace

Owner at Vera Herbals