Organic Skin Care Products

We do things a little differently here at Vera. What makes our skincare different?

We never use any: Parabens, Synthetic Fillers or Binders, Alcohols, Dyes, Phthalates, or Synthetic Fragrances.

We only use organic ingredients, make in small batches and only make what we actually use!

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Why Organic Skin Care?

Well there are numerous reasons – let’s start with the main one. In organic products there are no GMOs.

Why don’t we want GMOs?

  1. Genetic engineering reduces genetic diversity. When genes are more diverse, they are more robust; this is why a pure bred dog tends to have greater health problems than the dear old mutt. Plants with reduced genetic diversity cannot handle drought, fungus invasions or insects nearly as well as natural plants, which can have dire consequences.
  2. GMOs require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These things are poisons, and should not be eaten or allowed to run off into our water supply. But they are, every day, by companies who care far more about the bottom line than they do about your health, your environment or your children’s future.
  3. Genetically engineered ingredients have not been proven to be safe, but the few studies conducted don’t look so good. The organs of rats who ate genetically modified potatoes showed signs of chronic wasting, and female rates fed a diet of herbicide-resistant soybeans gave birth to stunted and sterile pups.

In addition to all of this, organic ingredients use no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or growth hormones which have been shown to cause all sorts of health issues.

In conclusion, we can see organic products are all around better choice for our skin and health.

Is organic skin care really better?

Not only are organic products better for the planet and our health but they have been shown to be more effective at helping the skin.

Let’s see a few reasons why:

  1. Our skin is capable of taking care of itself if it is given the right nutrients. How? Well, our bodies don’t only absorb nutrients through food, but also through our skin. When we use organic skin care, those ingredients work better with the natural systems of the skin. 

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is important when considering skin care products to choose the highest quality.

2. Organic skin care products don’t only work better, they are better for you. For example, organic facial moisturizers help hydrate the skin and increase firmness and elasticity. How do they do this? well the organic ingredients aid the skin to attract and preserve moisture. Often organic skin care products include amazing nourishing nut , essential and fruit oils.

3. Synthetic ingredients can be fast acting, however they can cause harm that cannot be seen right away. As mentioned above, your skin is your largest organ and it has been proven that what goes on your skin also absorbs into your bloodstream and is subsequently carried through your body. With prolonged use, these chemicals have been shown to damage and weaken your skin as your body tries to cope with these foreign substances.

What is Organic Skin Care?

Well, “organic” is referring to how an ingredient was farmed. It is grown and prepared without any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic skin care is simply skin products that are made of plant derived ingredients in addition to other organic ingredients. On top of everything stated above, organic ingredients do not have any GMOs (genetically modified ingredients).