What makes our organic CBD tinctures different?

All of our organic full spectrum CBD tinctures are made with the top of the line extraction methods. If  you are looking for a true alchemical tincture that focuses on the body,  mind and spirit check out our Spagyric hemp tinctures. If you are looking for a solvent free tincture with the highest terpene content check out our Rosin hemp tinctures. Both of these methods are the best of the best but require time and care which is why most companies don’t use them. Our full spectrum CBD tinctures meet everyone’s needs. From the beginner to someone needing ultimate relief. Learn more about our Extraction methods HERE.


What is Rosin?

Rosin is an extraction method that doesn’t use any solvents to extract. It uses a large amount of pressure and a small amount of heat to extract the medicinal properties from the hemp plant.

What is Spagyrics?

The word spagyrics means “herbal alchemy.” It also means to separate and recombine. It is an amazing ancient alchemy that combines sacred practices, boosts the bio availability of the product and truly utilizes the full essence of the plant – creating an incredible herbal remedy. Want to know more? Read our blog HERE.

What is the entourage effect?

There is something called the “Entourage Effect” which refers to the principle that when all of the compounds (the entourage) work together the user sees more benefits. This is why when you are looking for a salve look for a hemp salve. Or if it is referred to as a CBD salve check to see if it is full-spectrum, which means it has the entire array of medicinal properties in it. Why is the entourage of compounds better? Well, think of it like a football team. Sure, the quarterback is great on his own, but if you took him out of the team to try and play a game he wouldn’t be as effective. However, with the rest of his team you see how powerful they are when they work together. This is the same concept when talking about the cannabis plant. We want to see the whole team!

What is a full spectrum CBD tincture?

A full spectrum CBD tincture is simply a tincture that was made using the entirety of the hemp plant. So it contains the full spectrum of the medicinal properties.

Does full spectrum CBD work better?

Yes. why? A little something called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the idea that the entire group of medicinal roperties that can be found in the cannabis plant work better together. Society has previously been so fascinated with one compound (CBD) but recent studies have shown that the benefits are ten fold when the array of compounds are together. Read more about this in our blog CBD Salve vs. Hemp Salve.

Does CBD need to be Organic?

Well, that’s truly for you to decide. All of the benefits of eating organic foods or digesting organic drinks applies to organic CBD products. Some of the benefits from organic products include promoting better health, reduction of exposure of harsh chemicals, and good for the environment. Learn More HERE.

Can Hemp be Organic?

Yes! There are many hemp farms that are using organic farming practices and recently some have actually been approved with the USDA. We only source our hemp from farms that grow organically or even biodynamically.

Is Organic CBD Oil Better?

Yes! When any plant is grown organically studies have shown when ingested an increase in wellness, nutritional intake and benefits. Same goes for Organic CBD Oil. To learn more click HERE.