Let us do the heavy lifting.

Starting or expanding your herbal supplement company doesn’t need to be stressful. We have helped many brands create products as unique as them. Just let us know what you want and we’ll create it!

Not sure where to start? No worries – we have some standard formulations already prepared, or tell us what your general ideas and let’s co-create the perfect remedies!

We currently are manufacturing tinctures, topicals and oils. So, if it fits in those categories we can make it!

It doesn’t? Reach out! Let’s see how if we can make your products come to life!

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Herbal Supplement Options


White Label

Loving our products, but want to put your own label on it? We can do that! Just select from any of our premade formulations, send us your labels and we will manufacture for you! This includes ingredients, bottles, seals, extraction, formulating, bottling, labeling, sealing, and testing if needed!

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Private Label

Want to customize? Great!

We offer anywhere from slight tweaking to full customization. This can be change in the size of a product, custom formulating, replacing a carrier oil etc.!

Plus, if you are looking to do a little of the work yourself we offer bulk oil extraction where you bottle and label. Whatever your herbal needs we want to help!

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Somewhere in the Middle

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too didn’t know us!

You can mix and match all sort of options here at Vera! Whether you want a little white label here, a little private label there – heck, maybe even through in some wholesale while you’re at it – we can do it!

We’re here to help you bring your dream products to fruition.

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Our Main Extraction Methods


Spagyrics +

Modern Science Meets Ancient Alchemy

Spagyrics is an ancient alchemical process that involves the separating and recombining of all parts of the herb being extracted. It even involves reintroducing the mineral salts of the plant back in. This combined with modern science, allows us to create full essence products that have balanced flavors, and are incredibly effective.

This process involves the use of alcohol and glycerin and is what we strongly recommend for any herbal tinctures.

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Oil Infusions

For Topical Products

To infuse herbs into products applied topically we offer oil infusions. You can customize which oil or go with our standard choice of Jojoba oil which is great for helping products absorb into the skin.

We have created all sorts of custom products such as massage oils, balms, and even hair oils!

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Do I need to have my own herbs to work with you?

Nope! We have a few incredible sources for herbs. We source from mountain rose herbs and mainly Oshala Farms. Oshala farms is not only certified organic, but they also do regenerative farming. Check out more about them HERE.

Do you make herbal topicals too?

Yep! We have formulas already ready, or we can custom formulate for you.

What is White Labeling?

White labeling means we manufacture, bottle and label your product with your formulation and label. We are a Colorado licensed manufacturing facility. In essence, we are your own personal manufacturer!

What is the minimum on white label?

Normally our minimum is $2000. But if you love what we are creating but can’t make the minimum just contact us! If you are looking for wholesale info to stock your shelves with our products click HERE.>>

How long will it take to receive my products?

It depends! Contact our lab manager and founder Tyler to discuss details!

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