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In an industry where a lot of the products are the same – it is important to stand out!

We offer specialty private label options that will make your full spectrum hemp tinctures really stand out!

Our rosin and Spagyric extraction processes not only are unique, but they also are the best quality products on the market. Both of our extraction methods maintain the true full essence of the plant – which boosts the efficacy of the product.

Private Label Full-Spectrum Hemp Tincture Options



Rosin Hemp Tinctures

Rosin is a completely solvent free process that uses heat and pressure to extract all of the medicinal properties from the plant. In the cannabis world Rosin is considered the best quality because it maintains the integrity of the plants medicinal properties. We can customize any strength up to 3000mg of whole hemp extract.

These tinctures have flavor rich in terpenes.

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Spagyric Hemp Tinctures

Spagyric is a sacred alchemical process that involves the separation and recombination of life’s principles. It starts with an alcohol extraction; then the plant matter is burned in a two step process; following, the ash is filtered with water and the water is evaporated and finally, the mineral salts extracted from the ash are put back into the tincture.

Through this process the cannabis plant is transmuted to its highest form and the benefits increased. If you are looking for a true alchemical tincture, or a full-essence extract Spagyrics is for you and your brand.

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Both Tinctures

Can’t decide on just one? Don’t worry – you don’t have to!

What is so amazing about these processes is with the same hemp we can do both processes. This means you can produce more products for less, And still maintain the highest quality!

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Why Choose Vera for your bulk, wholesale and white label needs?

With the market getting saturated with a lot of the same average products, great quality stands out.

Here at Vera, our purpose is to create the BEST hemp products on the market, because we’re real people and we actually use this stuff and want to see it work not only for us, but for all of the people who need it.

Through relentless research, testing and reviews have found extraction methods and formulations that have been shown to be the most effective on the market.

If you are looking for the highest quality full spectrum products – let us be a part of your creation. Whether it’s wholesale, white label or bulk full-spectrum hemp oil, we can help!

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