Our Mission  – To get functional remedies that address the body, mind, and spirit to the world.

Our Story:

Our Story began long before Vera Herbals was started. Our two founders met five years before and through their own personal growth decided they wanted to create a business that that would make a large positive impact in the lives of millions of people.

One of our Founders, Tyler, used a four year opioid addiction as fuel for creating this company. Extreme sports led him into prescription pain pills and quitting them was the catalyst for Tylers obsession with learning, personal growth, and plant medicine. Tyler began to study with teachers and mentors from all over the world developing the skills necessary to live a life filed with love, joy, and gratitude.

Our other founder, Nicole, has always loved to create and take care of the planet. When Tyler came to her with the idea to start a company she was hesitant at first. She was teaching yoga at the time and was just beginning to expand that venture and going on this other venture would be a completely different path. But after a couple of months, she couldn’t stop thinking about creating a pain salve and from that the first product was formulated. After going to their first farmer’s market and seeing the way their products were helping people she knew this was something she had to see through.

For the first two years we were solely focused on hemp products. But soon, our path led us to discover Spagyrics and to expand into the fantastic world of herbs and fungi. After a few years of refining our methods, we discovered that where we were needed the most was as a co-manufacturer. And boom, we started our very own Spagyrics supplement lab producing mineral rich herbal supplements for other brands!


What does Vera Stand For?

Vera is a derivative of the Latin word Veritas which means truth. This is a representation of our promise to bring realness and honesty into the business marketplace. Something we feel is greatly needed.

Vera Herbals has evolved into a diverse team of like-minded individuals from many different backgrounds and walks of life – from microbiologists, herbalists, Ayurvedic practitioners, Alchemists, to fermentation experts. What holds this team so close together is each member’s dedication to extreme ownership, personal growth, and holding the mission in their mind’s eye with every task.

The Vera Herbals team are critical thinkers who choose love over fear. They believe in doing everything with intention and integrity.

Vera Herbals is dedicated to creating a planet where all people live in love and harmony.

Meet The Team

Our Three Pillars:


At Vera Herbals, we have a saying that goes: “Do it like a samurai”. What does that exactly mean you might ask? To us, it means doing everything with mastery, intention and the utmost quality. Like samurai, with their unwavering dedication to master the bow and sword, we have the same discipline and dedication to constantly improve our products and services, so that we can be the best of the best and of the highest quality possible.

As a USDA organic certified manufacturer, we use only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients from some of the most trusted suppliers in the nation. In addition, we continue to maintain our high standard of quality through the means of our specialty extraction process, called Spagyrics.

Spagyrics uses a combination of ancient alchemical methods and modern science to create products which are mineral-rich, full-spectrum and at its most natural form possible, thus boosting bioavailability and overall efficacy. Click here to read more about spagyrics and why it is considered to be one the most effective methods used in the industry.



Reciprocity is the mutual exchange of energy and support between partners. At Vera Herbals, we view every relationship—from our customers and clients to our employees and suppliers—as a long-lasting partnership. This is not just our perception, but it’s our intention.  After all, every single person or company involved at Vera is an important part of what makes us flourish. In exchange for the endless support of our partners, we also give in ways that leave an impact, whether it’s through our fast and easy communication, sharing industry experience and connections, or being the most fair and flexible wherever possible.

On the other side of the spectrum—as a company that believes fully in the power of plant medicine—we also find reciprocity for the herbs and fungi we work with on a daily basis. As these botanicals offer us the ability to create one-of-a-kind herbal remedies, we, in turn, honor them through the means of showing gratitude, admiration and complete awe of their naturally powerful and healing capabilities.



Transmutation is the process of changing something from one form into another, especially to a higher form. At Vera Herbals, we are constantly practicing the process of transmutation; both in our personal lives and in the workplace. It all starts with transmuting our own internal environments. So, what does this mean exactly? To us, transmuting our internal environment means constantly improving, learning and evolving. While this process is very personal to each of us, our team at Vera Herbals is dedicated to growing and evolving every day.

Transmutation can also be found in the spagyric extraction process. In fact, the philosophical meaning behind spagyrics is founded on the concept of transmutation, in which the herbs undergo various alchemical processes to separate and recombine the plant’s compounds, ultimately transforming them into a more potent and purified plant medicine. When all is said and done, we believe that constant improvement of ourselves and the way we do business is the only way to make real change in the world. And, as leaders in the industry and in our community, we inspire and empower others to undergo their own transmutation; their own endeavor towards personal growth.