Tyler Bell

Founder, Spagyricist & Lab Manager

Contact: [email protected]

Tyler is an entrepreneur, visionary, alchemist, and the founder of Vera Herbals. Tyler has been a curious person since he can remember. As a kid, Tyler questioned everything and always sensed a much deeper meaning to life than what was being taught to him. This curiosity about life led Tyler down a path of exploration in everything that struck his interest. As an adolescent lacking the skills necessary to calm the mind, a back injury led Tyler into a four-year opiate addiction. This was the most trying time of Tyler’s life, but also the most important and inspiring.

After Tyler decided to close that chapter of his life, he chose to pursue the paths of spiritual psychology, alchemy, and plant medicine. Tyler has dedicated his life to the study of consciousness with the plan of using constant self-improvement to create change on a large scale. His goal is to consciously create and assist the evolution of Earth into a loving and highly aware planet.

Tyler spends most of his days working at the Vera laboratory and his evenings studying an array of subjects. He is a lover of all things and enjoys spending time on the river, camping, and is an avid meditator. Tyler is an advocate for the legalization and therapeutic use of psychedelic medicine and attributes a major portion of his personal grow to plant ceremonies he has participated in. 

Tyler’s purpose in life is to help as many people as possible learn to truly love themselves and to create a world that has transcended separation.


Nicole Wallace

Founder, CEO

Contact: [email protected]

Nicole has always had a deep love for art, nature, and having an impact on the world! She spent years trying to figure out how to combine these three things and when her and Tyler started Vera Herbals she didn’t realize how amazingly these could be combined!

With the passion to grow this business, which to her is about so much more than products, she took her love for art and taught herself graphic & web design and SEO. Her love of nature fell into place with the commitment to sustainability and making sure Vera Herbal’s products produce as little waste as possible. And, the final piece, getting to help people with herbal remedies.

Outside of Vera, Nicole is a 200 HR E-RYT Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a 300 HR Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. She loves to learn and challenge herself to grow everyday physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Starting and being a part of Vera Herbals has taught her more about life and business than she could have ever imagined. Each day she feels more and more gratitude to be able to live her dreams and help the Earth and it’s people in the process.


Kait Cranor

Operations Manager & Owner

Contact: [email protected]

Kait started working at Vera Herbals in the Summer of 2020 during which she helped run and manage various farmer’s markets throughout Colorado. As the company grew, Kait was then able to spend more time in the lab getting her hands dirty where she soon discovered her passion for making Vera’s products.

Kait, now as Vera’s Lab Manager, and part owner hopes to one day help Vera Herbals prosper into a successful international corporation with her International Business degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO.

In her free time, Kait loves to do anything that includes the great outdoors such as hiking, camping, skiing, rafting, and taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. When she is too tired from playing outside, you can find her perusing at her local thrift stores or spending time with loved ones.


Kevin Pardon

Lead Scientist / Biochemist

Kevin has dedicated his entire life to to the study of biochemistry, plant medicines, and greater truth in order to raise the frequency of the planet.
Kevin strongly believes that it is his life’s purpose to use his gifts and energy in order to help others, heal the earth, and spread love.
Kevin studied Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, with an emphasis on cell/molecular biology. Undergraduate research was in comparative cellular cancer biology at UW system.
He then went on to spend 4 years as an Analytical Research Chemist for Pharmaceutical Products Development (PPD) LLC in Madison, Wisconsin.
Kevin has spent 2 years managing and administrating cannabis/herbal/cbd laboratories across the state of Colorado.
He also has played a key role agriculture/farming operations at Hickory Hill Farm in Loganville, Wisconsin and RootsRx based in Missouri Heights, Colorado.
Currently Kevin works as a molecular biologist on a cancer genetics research team for Invitae (ArcherDx) in Boulder  Colorado and is Lead Scientist at Vera Herbals in Carbondale, Colorado.
Kevin also takes interest in biodynamic agriculture, traditional farming techniques, organic plant cultivation, plant chemistry, plant medicines, herbalism, plant alchemy and spagyrics.
At Vera Herbals, Kevin channels his passions for science and greater truth in order help create the quality oriented and scientifically validated product line that Vera has to offer.