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– Product Spotlight –

Lion’s mane mushroom is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms and for good reason!

It is known for its brain boosting capabilities and studies have even proven it helps increase memory, focus and cognitive function.

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I love the products from Vera! I personally use the Turkey tail, reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane and notice a huge difference in my energy and outlook. I also send my great aunt lions mane for her alzheimers and she says she notices a difference between when she uses them or not specifically when it comes to remembering things. I also picked up cbd tinctures for my girlfriends migraines and so far they are the only thing we have found that helps the pain and doesn’t take her out for the whole day! Would definitely recommend and I wont shop anywhere else!



Everything at Vera is so helpful to staying healthy and keeping me healthy. I don’t have to use harsh migraine meds, instead I can use the CBD tinctures. The mushroom powder capsules are also awesome! I’d highly recommend Vera Herbals!



Vera Herbals is amazing. Their options for herbal remedies are outstanding. They have a little bit of something for just about everything. Their medicinal mushroom supplements are the best! I use and love the mushroom capsules, athletic slave, lavender peppermint chapstick, tea, and their spagyrics cbd tincture. Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, and Turkey Tail. They have all made my life so much better. I have been taking the reishi for about a year now, it is the world’s strongest immune booster! Vera herbals, and their dedication to quality, makes it an easy choice to support local business too.



What are medicinal mushrooms good for?

Medicinal mushrooms have a wide array of potential benefits. Depending on the mushroom studies have shown them to help with anything from memory and focus to helping relieve the sypmtoms of asthma. Learn more HERE.

What are the best medicinal mushrooms?

Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shitake, Cordyceps. More info on Why HERE.

Are medicinal mushrooms safe?

Generally mushrooms are considered pretty safe. Of course, it is possible to be allergic to mushrooms. And women who are pregnant it is always good to consult your doctor.

What does Lion's Mane help with?

Memory, focus and increasing cognitive function. Studies on rats have even shown it to be effective in preventing (and in the earlier stages, reversing) dementia and Alzheimer’s. Learn more HERE.