Organic Turmeric Root Spagyric Extract

Brand New! This extract is made with our sacred alchemical process. Turmeric has been shown to help with inflammation, digestion and boosts cognitive function.

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I was skeptical at first but the LightzOut and the Hemp Salve are amazing products.Both have worked far better than I ever expected and I will be trying more of their products! Highly recommend!!

Chris Cranor / Google

By far the best full spectrum CBD products I have ever encountered. I have used the products for athletic performance, injury recovery, sleep improvement and general well being. I have particularly good success with the Spejarics and the muscle salve however each product is well researched and specifically designed to maximize its particular purpose. They are also environmentally conscious and locally owned and operated. I couldn’t recommend the products and the people behind them enough.

Dan Mirsky / Google

So much goodness at Vera Herbals!These folks really put the time and effort to make sure they are putting out the best into the world.Ethically sourced products with conscious packaging, lab tested so you know exactly what you are getting.Supreme.The spagyrics are magic.The lions mane is mind blowing too!Go to Vera Herbals!

Adam Ting / Google