Hemp Salve Vs. CBD Salve


Hemp Salve Vs. CBD Salve

CBD or Hemp? What’s the difference? This is kind of like square and rectangle one encompasses the other but not the other way around. In theory, both hemp salves and CBD salves have CBD in them but hemp salves have so much more. The problem is a lot of products are marketed as a “CBD” product or “hemp” product based on the audience people are trying to reach, but they are the same thing. Confused yet? Don’t worry, we get it. Let’s sort it out!


CBD is a phyto-cannabinoid that is in the hemp plant and gets a lot of fame for its medicinal properties. But it is not the only phyto-cannabinoid. There are actually 113 known phyto-cannabinoids and 13 discovered ones in the cannabis plant. So, a hemp salve contains not only cannabinoids but other medicinal compounds like terpenes. But, because it is such a “hot” trend a lot of companies label their hemp salves as CBD salves. So, in reality a hemp salve can be the same as a CBD salve. Starting to understand the square and rectangle reference? Let’s look at the key difference.

A CBD salve, is generally made with something called an isolate. It’s definition is just like it sounds it is where one compound is ISOLATED out. In this case we are referring to CBD. So, in a CBD salve the only medicinal property in it is CBD. There are many studies which show that CBD by itself is not very effective. Often people report little to no benefit when using an isolate CBD Salve.


There is something called the “Entourage Effect” which refers to the principle that when all of the compounds (the entourage) work together the user sees more benefits. This is why when you are looking for a salve look for a hemp salve. Or if it is referred to as a CBD salve check to see if it is full-spectrum, which means it has the entire array of medicinal properties in it. Why is the entourage of compounds better? Well, think of it like a football team. Sure, the quarterback is great on his own, but if you took him out of the team to try and play a game he wouldn’t be as effective. However, with the rest of his team you see how powerful they are when they work together. This is the same concept when talking about the cannabis plant. We want to see the whole team!

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Hemp salve vs CBD salve is more of marketing terminology than anything, but when looking for a salve make sure it has the whole hemp plant to get the most benefits!

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Nicole Wallace
Owner at Vera Herbals