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About Vera Herbals Full-Spectrum Hemp & Holistic Wellness

Learn about how Vera Herbals become a highly rated company:

Vera’s vision from day one was to create a top quality, organic and earth friendly wellness company. The goal being to share our amazing products with as many people as possible with a focus on education, sustainability and doing business in an ethical and conscious manner.

Vera began in 2018 but the idea started eight years prior when one of the founders, Tyler Bell, used the assistance of cannabis to free himself from his Opioid addiction. From a young age, Tyler participated in extreme sports, which eventually led to a serious back injury. Due to his injury, Tyler was prescribed Opioids for an extended period of time, which caused him to develop a serious addiction. After several years of attempting to unsuccessfully relieve his pain through prescription drugs, Tyler decided that was enough! The incredible results he experienced from cannabis sparked a fire inside him to learn more about the Earth’s natural plant remedies. From there, his wife, Nicole, formulated the very first Compostable Salve and it worked wonders. The salve slowly evolved as did their education of plant medicine and with that has come many more hemp products, medicinal mushrooms, teas and herbs and the list continues to grow.

The team has grown to include other like-minded individuals with the same passion and vision – help people while preserving the environment.

We strive to promote a world without dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and to create unity and honesty among one another.

Our Three Pillars:

Holistic Wellness

Holistic wellness is an approach to being healthy that considers the body, mind and spirit. Attention to all three is needed to stay balanced. Holistic medicine believes that each of these things work together. We can not agree more. Our products are not only made with the highest quality ingredients but with intention, with care.

Our main goal has always been to create wellness products that actually work. How do we keep up this promise? By sticking to our guns and always using the highest quality ingredients and sourcing properly. We also understand that everyone is different – one size doesn’t fit all. We specialize in

We can’t believe how many people tell us the holist oil products they’re using just aren’t working, unfortunately, it is not currently required for proper testing of hemp products so inadequate amounts of all cannibinoids (including CBD) are being put into products.

This is why we get our products tested by a third party lab (check out our tests here), and why we provide Spagyrics Hemp Tincture which by reintroducing the minerals into the tincture provides for more efficacy of the product!


When we decided to start this company we wanted to do things differently, so, we strive to implement sustainable packaging and practices wherever possible.

We saw the chemicals being put into products and the waste being created from the industry and we knew we had to make a change – this is why we created our line of solventless, full-spectrum, earth friendly CBD Products.

We also, are continuously taking conscious steps to produce as little waste as possible. The end goal being a 100% waste free zero emission company.



We are a company you can rely on.

We want to be a place you can look to for education about all things wellness, not just CBD, so that you can make your own decision on what’s the right choice for you.

This is why we strive to always be transparent about our practices and what’s in our products.

We are constantly looking for ways to provide more data and education on the Hemp & CBD industry. If you’re interested in doing any events or workshops to aide this let us know here!