Spagyric Extraction

History and Alchemy of Spagyrics

The word Spagyrics comes from ancient Greece and can be divided into two parts.

“Spao” = I Collect, and “Agerio” = Recombine.

Spagyric plant extracts originated in ancient alchemy it was and still is deemed as one of the most sacred and holistic ways of creating plant medicine. By separating the three basic principles (Oils, Alcohol and Mineral Salts) of a plant and then recombining them this creates a more potent effective end product.

In alchemical philosophy, it is said that EVERYTHING in the universe can be separated into three basic principles. As seen below, in plants the physical aspects represent soul, mind and body.

Essential Oils (Soul)

Alcohol (Mind)

Mineral Salts (Body)

The Spagyric Method

So how does this method work?

1: Alcohol Extraction

We begin by doing a Grape Alcohol extraction. Alcohol as a solvent is the most optimal as it extracts both fat-soluble and water-soluble components. Alcohol is also the only solvent that retains all the compounds of the plant in the same ratio and spectrum as the original plant. Alcohol is a solvent made of plants, for plants.

2: Mineral and Salt Extraction

In order to extract the minerals and salts that are trapped inside the plant fibers, the depleted plant material is taken out and burned. This process is known as calcination. The end result of the calcination is a sterilized ash where the water-soluble mineral salts have been released from its carbon bonds. This ash is then filtered through with distilled water. The water is then evaporated and only pure crystal minerals and salts are left.

3: Recombination

The crystal minerals and salts are then put back into the alcohol extraction. This completes the spagyric process. The tincture now contains all the plants compounds maintained in the same structure and ratio as the original plant, but now in a more potent and purer form. Now that the three principles have been brought together, a natural chemical reaction occurs where the fat-soluble compounds are converted to water-soluble compounds – so you absorb almost all of what you put into your body.

Why Spagyric?

Spagyric not only contains a full spectrum of all the plant compounds which work synergistically with the human body, but it is also 100% Organic and Lab Tested.

Rosin Press:

Rosin is our pride and joy! It is where we started and there’s many reasons for that!

For one it requires no chemicals or solvents. This is a big one for us – we saw so many companies producing products that were extracted with the use of “safe” chemicals such as butane and if we ourselves didn’t want to ingest those why would we create a product with it? So how does it work if no solvents are used? Amazingly, Rosin is processed by using ONLY high pressure and the minimum amount of heat to ensure the terpenes and cannibinoids aren’t damaged during the process.

Not only does it not use only heat and pressure and no chemicals it preserves the full cannibinoid profile of the plant! All of those amazing flavors and properties of the plant are preserved! A lot of times in extraction methods the plant gets fully “activated” meaning cannibinoids like CBDa get completely converted to CBD. Sounds good right? Well, studies are showing that cannaibinoids like CBDa (unactivated CBD) could potentially have many medical properties helping with relief. So, we like to keep some of that CBDa in our products! Check out some more info and a study on CBDa! And that is just one phytocannabinoid – there are many! Want to see the wide range of cannabinoids in our Rosin? Check them out HERE!

We use a pneumatic rosin press which allows for rosin to be produced quickly and without using high temperatures to assist. This allows us to create a wonderful full-spectrum hemp product free of unwanted and harsh chemicals.

Check out our rosin in action!