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Why Take Herbal Supplements?


Why Take Herbal Supplements? Herbal medicine has been used as a means to treat disease and maintain health for thousands of years. Today, herbal medicine has taken form into what we now know as herbal supplements, and its prevalence is still at an all time high. An estimated 4 billion people (representing 80% of the […]

Four Shiitake Mushroom Benefits: Fascinating Fungi Facts


Shiitake Mushroom Benefits: Four Fascinating Fungi Facts Shiitake mushrooms are infamous for their rich, meaty and buttery flavor and are cultivated and consumed around the globe. While many people may be familiar with these mushrooms’ delicious nature, you may be surprised to learn that shiitake mushrooms have an abundance of medicinal properties and health benefits. […]

Spagyric Medicine Uses


Spagyric Medicine Uses In the United States, alternative medicine and therapies are becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking an integrative approach to their health and well-being. While some of these alternative practices have already made their way into mainstream society, such as yoga, acupuncture, and aromatherapy, many still remain largely unknown. One of these […]

What is a Spagyric Tincture?


What is a Spagyric Tincture? Spagyrics (spa-jeer-icks) is an alchemical preparation of herbs used to create a potent and powerful plant medicine. It is one of the oldest extraction methods and is by far the most unique. The word “spagyrics” is derived from the Greek roots: spao (to draw out) and agerio (to unite), and […]

What Does Lion’s Mane Do To The Body?


What Does Lion’s Mane Do To The Body? Fungi are curious organisms, and by far the least studied. While medicinal mushrooms have been cherished in ancient cultures for centuries, scientists and researchers are just scratching the surface of how mushrooms can promote human health. One of the most well-known and most studied medicinal mushrooms is […]

5 Best Herbs for Detox


The Best 5 Herbs for Detox Chemicals are used to manufacture many products that we consume and use every day. Many of these chemicals are toxic and are persistent in the environment. As a result, these toxins build up in our body and result in health problems such as fatigue and low energy, digestive disorders, […]

The Original Pain Reliever: Wild Lettuce


Wild Lettuce: The Original Pain Reliever In 2019, an estimated 20.4% (50 million) of U.S. adults had chronic pain while 8.0% (19.6 million) of adults experienced high impact chronic pain. Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care and, if you’ve ever been in any kind of pain yourself, you […]

Calendula for Digestion


Calendula for Digestion As social media continues to connect people all across the world, people are better able to share ideas and have more discussions about topics ranging all over the board. And, naturally, people are talking more and more about topics that are considered to be taboo, such as mental health and illness. So, […]

Lingzhi Mushroom Benefits


Lingzhi Mushroom Benefits Lingzhi mushrooms, more well known as reishi, have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Infamously referred to as the “mushroom of immortality”, Lingzhi mushrooms contain powerful medicinal properties that promote longevity and well-being. According to the Shen Nong’s Ben Cao Jing, one of the oldest Chinese Materia Medicas, “Long term consumption […]