VEra Herbals

 Offering Specialty Extraction and organic alchemical remedies

Our four pillars


Beyond Organic

Vera is more than just your average organic herbal company. In the modern world, the idea that our minds effect our reality was, for a long time, deemed “hocus pocus.” However, recently physics is catching up to what ancient alchemists believed that we are more than just matter, and our intentions and observations do have an impact on our physical reality. What does all this have to do with herbal extracts? Well, our methods involve an ancient herbal alchemy that blends physical, energetic and spiritual elements together to create truly holistic and unbelievable effective products. We strive to create products that are ACTUALLY going to work made with conscious intention. Want to know what is Spagyrics? CLICK HERE>>.


There is so much misinformation out there about hemp products, alchemic methods, and holistic wellness we feel it is important to provide accurate knowledge, so you can make a decision that is right for you. This is why we always offer our third party lab test results, and are updating our blog weekly with everything you could ever need to know about wellness. Check out some of those posts HERE>>



True alchemy is about more than just products. We alchemize our entire operation with Mother Earth. How do we do this? We compost, recycle and up cycle. We reuse any packaging shipped to us for our orders that we ship out. We source our packaging from conscious local companies and use recycled glass, metal and compostable containers whenever possible. NEW: Many of our herbs are now sourced from a local beyond organic farm. We also use all 100% organic ingredients and are looking for more and more ways to reduce our waste, plastic usage and purchase locally. Check out more about our Sustainability promise HERE>>


When we started this company we knew we wanted to do more than just sell organic herbal remedies. We wanted to do something bigger on a global scale. That is why we now give 1% of our net profits to Amazon Watch to help preserve the amazon rainforest and our climate by supporting indigenous people. Check them out HERE.


The Vera Difference