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The Importance of Third Party Testing CBD Products


Third Party Testing: Why is it Important? You may have seen some CBD hemp companies promoting their products as being third party tested or telling their customers to check out their third party test results. But, what does third party testing mean and why is it important? Third party testing means that a manufacturer’s products […]

Best Herbal Supplement for Memory and Focus


Best Herbal Supplement for Memory and Focus If you are anything like me and my forgetful brain, you can most certainly relate to the struggle of continuously misplacing the smallest yet most important things in your life like your car keys or cell phone, forgetting important dates, names and simple information, or forgetting what you […]

The Ancient Art of Spagyric Tinctures


The Ancient Art of Spagyric Tinctures Spagyric tinctures are becoming widely accepted as an effective and viable plant medicine, but the power of spagyric preparations reaches far beyond the material realm and physical alchemical processes. The mystical art of alchemy and spagyrics lie on the foundation of the Three Essentials or the Three Philosophical Principles—the […]