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What is Spagyrics?


What is Spagyrics? Spagyrics (spa-jeer-iks) means herbal alchemy. In simple terms it also means to separate and recombine. It is an amazing ancient alchemy that combines sacred practices, boosts the bio availability of the product and truly utilizes the full essence of the plant – creating an incredible herbal remedy. But it gets quite a […]

Natural VS. Organic

Organic vs Natural Products Marketing can be very misleading. A lot of times words that trigger some emotional response are used to target the consumer. Like natural, cage free, free range – these are all words that sound nice, but what do they really mean? Today were going to take a look at a comparison […]

Herbal Remedies Vs. Modern Medicine


Herbal Remedies Vs. Modern Medicine Why use herbal remedies? It isn’t that long ago that some of these words like herbal remedies, holistic wellness, and alternative medicine would have been considered snake oil or witchy nonsense in the western world. However, in recent years many people have turned to herbal remedies as an alternative to […]